According to Clean Up Australia, the average household weekly waste is about 10 kg per person per week now when you are dealing with an apartment complex that piles up thick and fast. 

That figure is only the average waste produced, and it doesn’t cover things like gutting and redecorating, monthly clearouts, and people moving in or out – which adds up to plenty of rubbish bags stacked up in the bin area. 

Apartment complex waste management can be challenging to coordinate well – you’ll need to factor in seasonal changes, end-of-contract times, and recycling systems. So what can you do to make sure your apartment complex waste management system is healthy and beneficial? 

Why is waste management important?

Waste management means that everyone in the building understands the process and does their part to ensure the plan works. It might mean you need a few extra meetings with the residents to get them on board, but it is worth it. 

With good waste management, here is what you can expect: 

  • Pest reduction and prevention
  • Recycling is a priority 
  • No residents are struggling with too much waste
  • Your apartment complex waste disposal area is never overrun
  • You will not incur charges and fines for the improper disposal of waste
  • No trip or fall hazards left around the waste disposal area
  • No illegal waste dumping
  • Cleanouts or renovations aren’t going to cause a headache
  • Your residents will have a reliable schedule for their own household waste management 

Having a discussion with Magic Bins will mean that you can present your residents with a waste disposal calendar so that everyone gets to live in a clean and comfortable environment. 


There are a few times of the year that you will benefit from booking a Magic Bins skip. Spring cleaning tends to arrive when the weather starts to get warmer – and that leads to a lot of people doing cleanouts of their apartments. You can plan for this by making the residents aware that there will be a skip on a specific date that can be used. 

During the festive season, you are also likely to see an increased amount of waste – clearing out old stuff, wrapping, packing, and more. It only takes a little while for the average size bin to be overflowing – and who knows how long things will remain in the waste disposal area. 

Have a chat with the residents and with Magic Bins to find a suitable seasonal waste disposal plan. 

Solid waste


The three R’s are going to be one of the heroes in the waste management story. While you don’t want to police how people dispose of their own rubbish, it is a good idea to have some standards and encourage people to do it. 

The three R’s stand for: 

  • Reduce
  • Reuse
  • Recycle

Reducing the amount of waste produced can be a tall order, but it can be beneficial for all residents to consider how much rubbish they are producing – and how they can best reduce that amount. 

Encourage your residents to place items that are still good for use somewhere where other residents can pick them up. Reusing large items like furniture and other large items will reduce the space required in the waste disposal area. 

Recycling can be made easy if you offer a monthly or bi-monthly Magic Bin skip so that people can dispose of their recyclables in one easy step. 

Apartment Complex Clear Out

For owners of apartment complexes, one of the most critical jobs is gutting and clearing out when someone is moving out. Rather than have the waste disposal area filled up with things that won’t be taken, it is a much better idea to have a reliable skip service like Magic Bins. 

You can have a chat with the resident who is leaving and get advice from Magic Bins about the right size and type of skip to get. 

And it’s not just when people move out that you might need the big skips! If you intend to do some renovations and you’re going to have a lot of heavy waste and general rubbish, a skip is the fastest way to ensure you aren’t left with piles of rubble. 

Plan For Large Disposables 

Residents will replace sofas, refrigerators, bed frames and more over time. If you don’t have a proper plan for disposing of more oversized items, you might find a broken-down bed frame in the waste disposal area for months. Not only is it unsightly, but it is a hazard too. 

Most people moving in or out, and even those replacing old items, tend to do so around the end of the month (typically the end of contracts and payday). Plan for a pick up of any large items for around that time of the month, and since skip hiring is typically cheaper than overage charges and requires little to no effort from you, Magic Bins are the best option. 

Unauthorised Dumping 

If you have a well-organised plan for waste disposal, then you are likely to avoid getting unauthorised dumping in the waste area. One of the first things you should have is a key card or standard key access to your apartment complex’s waste disposal area – this stops other neighbouring residents from using yours. 

The next is to have a transparent plan that all of the residents in the complex can see. For example, they know that in the second week of spring, you have general goods skips, and you have one over the Christmas and Festive week too. Bi-monthly or quarterly large item skips and intermittent garden or recycling waste too. 

Waste management for an apartment complex doesn’t need to be a headache! You can have a chat with Magic Bins and make sure that your waste management is on-point, no matter how many residents you have. 

There is no substitute for reliable waste management, and you can put your waste management for apartment complexes needs in the safest hands with Magic Bins!