Standard Hire of Skip Bins is up to 1 week on site (We do not include the day of delivery & pick up days)

Payment of Skip Bin Hire is to be paid on or prior to Delivery of Skip Bin.

Once payment has been received, it is deemed your acceptance of these said Terms & Conditions.

Standard Hire of Skip Bins is up to 1 week on site after which time a daily hire rate will apply.

Placing an Order confirms your acceptance of these Terms & Conditions.

  1. Magic Bins Trucks are 3400mm High by 2500mm Wide and 8500mm Long – adequate access & egress for the Truck is the responsibility of the Hirer.
  2. Our Trucks are Heavy Vehicles and if our driver is directed from a public road by the Hirer Magic Bins will not be liable for any property damage, including driveways, kerbs, pavements, pipes, pits, trees, grass, etc. caused by or in connection with our Truck and skip bins.
  3. Whilst we endeavour to place the skip bin in your preferred location, placement of the skip bin is at the sole discretion of the driver, to allow for the safe delivery and removal of the skip bin.
  4. Once delivered the skip bin must not be moved, other than by Magic Bins, whether by machinery or otherwise, and access must be maintained to allow the safe collection of the skip bin by our Trucks. Should this not be the case on collection, a $100 Futile Fee will apply.
  5. Any skip bin relocations will attract an additional fee to be advised at the time of booking such relocation.
  6. Magic Bin skip bins are delivered in good condition. Once on hire (delivered on site), the safe keeping of the skip bin is the Hirer’s responsibility. Any and all loss resulting from damage or defacement of the bin will be at the Hirer’s expense. Magic Bins will not negotiate with third parties to reclaim costs of or in relation to damage or defacement of its skip bins.
  7. The following are Prohibited Items and must not be placed into the skip bin:
    1. Definitely No Fires are to be lit in the skip bin;
    2. Dry waste only is to be placed into the skip bin. No wet or adhesive material to be placed into or scraped off into the bin – cleaning fees will apply for the removal of any wet or adhesive material from the skip bin.
    3. No Batteries, Tyres, Paints, Oils, Foods, Liquids are to be placed into the skip bin – including Wet Concrete, Gas Bottles, explosive, toxic, dangerous, hazardous or noxious materials, including Asbestos (we do supply separate fully lined Asbestos bins if required).
  8. Should the waste be contaminated, the Hirer will be liable for all separation and any extra costs associated with or resulting from the contamination. The Hirer must correctly classify the type of waste they are disposing of in the skip bin. Our disposal facilities have very strict guidelines for contaminated waste. The Hirer must not mix waste types together, not even the smallest amount – additional costs will apply for any contamination or mixing of waste types. Cost depends on waste type and bin
  9. The skip bin must NOT be filled above the rim. There must not be any items protruding from the top or sides of the skip bin. All waste is to be contained well within the skip bin’s capacity and must comply with any other requirements in accordance with Heavy Vehicle National Law, including but not limited to the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL), its associated Regulations, Notices, Schemes, Schedules and any industry standards.
  10. Strict weight limits apply for material placed in the skip bin. The largest capacity skip bin available for hire for disposal of heavy items is a 6m3 skip bin.  If the Hirer intends to place dirt, concrete, bricks or other similar materials in the skip bin, the Hirer must inform Magic Bins prior to placing the hire order.
  11. Every party in the heavy vehicle transport supply chain has a duty to ensure the safety of their transport activities. This means that all parties (from the loader of the skip bin, driver of the Truck, office consignors & owners) can be held liable for any loss suffered as a result of or as a consequence of a breach of the legislation. Magic Bins reserve the right to remove and leave behind any item protruding above the rim of the skip bin or any of the prohibited items above, as per the regulations above and will not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from such removal.
  12. If the skip bin is overloaded and or unsafe to load, Magic Bins reserves the right to refuse removal. A Futile pick up fee will apply and Daily Hire charges will commence until such time as the skip bin is collected once it has been assessed by Magic Bins as safe to transport.
  13. Any Permits or approvals required for skip bin placement on surrounding footpaths or road is the responsibility of the hirer. Any fines or infringement notices issued with respect to the placement and or use of the skip bin are the sole liability the hirer.
  14. 24 Hours notice is to be given for Cancellations and changes to orders.