To keep it under control and ensure it doesn’t become an issue, skip bins are an effortless solution. By utilising these and properly disposing of the items you produce, you can minimise the impact on the environment, comply with health and safety regulations and also promote sustainability in the construction industry. In this article we take a look at why skip bin solutions for construction sites are so ideal for keeping projects tidy and efficient. Keep on reading to find out more.


What is a skip bin?


A skip bin, also known as just a skip, is an industrial-size waste management tool. Designed with a large open top and an instantly recognisable shape, they’re a fantastic way of easily keeping materials for disposal together in a neat and tidy way. Some of the key features of a skip bin include:


They come in a variety of sizes – Whether your construction project is a large or small one, you can find a skip bin that works. Designed to accommodate different volumes of waste and priced accordingly, you can find the right bin for your project in no time.


They have an open top – With an open top, skip bins are designed to be easy to load your waste materials into. When working you don’t want to have to keep opening and shutting a lid – something that can quickly become a nuisance, particularly if you have large items and your hands are full. They can be filled with manual labour or machinery scooping up items and placing them in, whichever is more convenient for you.


Durable and designed to last – Skip bins tend to be made from steel so they’re durable and can withstand the waste that’s being disposed inside it. In construction, you’re often getting rid of heavy waste such as concrete so you want a bin that can hold large loads without buckling.


They’re designed for easy transportation – Once your skip bin is filled with waste, you need to be able to get rid of this at the correct facility. Skip bins are designed to be transported by specialist trucks that use hydraulic arms to load the bins and take them away. 


They can help sort your waste – You can get different skip bins for different types of waste depending on the project you’re working on. This can help protect the environment and make it easier to sort through the type of waste you’re getting rid of.

Skip bin in front of building


Why are skip bin solutions needed? 


Working on a construction site involves lengthy projects that produce a vast amount of waste. It would be time-consuming and dangerous to keep filling up regular bins and taking these to waste facilities to empty them. Instead, skip bins offer a solution by being able to hold large volumes of waste safely and securely. Here are some benefits of skip bins. 

For organisation – It’s vital to be organised when working on a construction site and skip bins enable you to manage all the waste that’s produced. You won’t have debris littering the space and making it difficult to work. Instead, it can be placed in one large skip and kept out of the way. This can then be easily disposed of once the project is complete.


It’s much quicker – As previously mentioned above, taking small loads of waste to a disposal facility can take a lot of time out of the day. With a skip bin, you can deposit the debris directly into this which will be collected at a later date and disposed of by the waste management company. It saves time and is much more efficient. 


It’s better for health and safety – The well-being of employees on a construction site is paramount. A skip means potential hazards are out of the way and waste is confined to one easy-to-spot, dedicated area. This can avoid accidents caused by falling over debris. 


It’s more cost-effective – hiring a skip bin isn’t free, but it’s very well-priced considering the service you get. When you compare this to other traditional waste methods, it helps to reduce manual labour costs as well as fines for not getting rid of waste correctly.


It’s better for the environment – When you dispose of waste properly in a skip bin, you can easily separate recyclable materials from those that need to be rid of. This is much better for the environment. The reduced number of trips to a disposal facility is also better for the environment as it uses less gas. 


You are remaining compliant – As a business, you must remain compliant with regulations regarding waste disposal. If you don’t do this, you risk your company being fined and potentially sued, and potentially deregistered. 


How does skip bin hiring work?


The process of hiring a skip bin is a simple one. 


  1. Choose the right skip bin for you, from 2m to 12m3, there’s something for all project sizes.


  1. Your skip bin hire company will speak to you and check over any requirements you have, including the waste materials you’re disposing of and whether any special types of skip are required.


  1. You’ll receive a quote tailored to your request


  1. Your skip date will be booked and it will be dropped off on this date


Hiring a skip bin is a fantastic way to keep construction projects tidy and efficient, keep costs down, and keep the environmental impact to a minimum. Get in touch with us at Magic Skip Bin Brisbane to find out more about how we can help, to get a no-obligation quote or just to have any questions answered.