Clearing out the office, whether it’s because you’re moving location, planning renovations, or otherwise just getting rid of unnecessary clutter, is going to result in a lot of waste. Most likely a good deal more than you’re currently expecting. For that reason, you need to prepare more than just your ordinary bins. And while you can send it off to a landfill, it’s not always easy to arrange for it in a timely manner.

Skip bins could be the solution that you need. Not only can they offer a convenient place to put all of your waste during the cleanout, but they can also help you better sort and recycle your trash, allowing you to be just a bit more responsible with your office clean-up. Here are a few of the reasons you should consider getting in touch with a skip bin office today.

Have them when you need them

One of the reasons that hiring someone to pick up waste for a landfill can be more stressful than you might expect is that the pickup is going to be scheduled for a specific time. If you don’t have all of your waste ready for pickup then, you will be left to deal with the rest yourself. When you hire a skip, you determine the time and date you receive them, and how long you keep them for. As such, you can ensure that they’re on your premises for precisely as long as you need them, and they will be taken away when you don’t. You can work to your schedule, rather than the tight availability of a landfill service.

Magic Bins delivering skip bins

One place for all of your waste

There are some items that cannot be put in a skip bin, depending on the type that you choose, and we recommend being aware of those, and maybe even putting up signs so that your employees don’t put any such objects inside. Otherwise, you can put all of your waste in there and not worry about where things should go. 

You can take your time and do it right

As mentioned, you decide when your skip arrives and for how long you hire it. As such, you don’t have to rush to get all of your waste in there within a small time frame. If you want to keep it on the office premises for a week to make sure that you have time to get all of your waste in there, you can do that. If you decide you need extra time with the skip, you can call and arrange for that, as well. Rushing can often lead to mistakes, which may include throwing out some things you don’t mean to.

Help with sorting your waste

When you’re managing your waste yourself, you might have to go through the effort of having to sort it all to ensure that everything is going in the right place. However, when you work with a skip bin office, and you choose a skip bin for disposing of materials that include recyclables, then you can anticipate that they will be grouped correctly. This way, you don’t need to worry about incorrect disposal of certain materials.

Environmental peace of mine

When choosing the right skip for your office clean-up, you can choose to have your waste recycled as best as possible. As such, you can rest assured that how you deal with waste is not going to interfere with any efforts on the part of your company to go green or to be more environmentally conscious. We understand that more and more business owners and teams have the environment on their minds, and are glad to do what we can to help them live up to those values.

It’s hassle-free

Of course, one of the key benefits of working with a skip-hire office is the sheer convenience that it offers your team. If you’re arranging an office clear-out, then you likely have enough on your mind already. Making it much easier for you and your team to get rid of waste, to ensure that renewables and sorted properly, and to have the logistics taken care of can allow you and your team to focus on other concerns.

Choosing the right skip to meet your needs

We’re glad to help you keep your skip hire as cost-effective and efficient as possible. This includes ensuring that you’re getting the skip that’s big enough to deal with how much waste you’re likely to need, but not so much larger that you’re paying more than you need to. We have skip bins that range from 2 cubic metres to 12 cubic metres, so there is no size of office that we can’t help with. However, if you get in touch with our team, we can gladly recommend the size of the skip that is most likely to be suited to your needs. Some prefer to go a size up just to ensure space for extras, if necessary, but it’s up to you.

Know what can and cannot be put in

We will be glad to further elaborate, but there are also rules on what can and cannot be put into your skips, depending on the type that you hire. We have bins for all of the following:

  • Asbestos waste  (Contact us for more information about this waste type) 
  • Light waste
  • Heavy waste

Examples of waste that can be prohibited in some of the skip bin options include things like asbestos, batteries, food, gas bottles, fire extinguishers, liquids, wet plaster, wet concrete, oils, paint, and tyres. If you ever have any questions about your waste type, get in touch with us and we will guide you to the skip bin that serves your needs.

Hire the skip your workplace needs today

Simply put, working with the right skip bin office can make any office clean-out much, much easier. Get in touch with us today, and talk to us about your needs so we can help you get the skip bin that meets then, where and when you need it.